Your scars!

Hello my darlings,
Mama just want to say to you that I know you have been hurt. I know someone tore up from the floor up. But instead of looking at the horrible thing that they did to you, can we focus on you?
You need to understand a couple of things. Sometimes people will tear you up because you let them tear you up. Doesn’t mean that you want them to carry out, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person hence you deserve the tore up.
No means that we teach people how to treat us. The first time someone got in your face and yell, the first time someone hurt your heart, in a way that was brutal and unnecessary, we did not say “stop!”.
We did not say you are talking to a king or queen. I don’t deserve this. I don’t know where you learn to treat someone like this but you need to go back there. Because I don’t deserve this.
No, you were afraid of losing that person. So instead we lost ourselves.
So what we need to do is teach people to treat us better.
It’s about the first time someone treats you bad you say ,”excuse me, darling but I can’t take this, I wont! This is not how I should be treated.
That will give that person, a moment to just think about it.
Some people come back and say I’m sorry I should have done it and then try to do it again. Those people you need to cut off!
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.
Some people go back and go, I might be losing a good thing here, and the scary thing is this good thing knows it’s a good thing. I need to be better. I need to deserve this good thing. And that person will treat you better because you know you deserve to be treated better. So my little darlings. Never love anyone more than you love you.
Love yourself in a way that it’s humbling, love yourself in a way that is deserving, love yourself in the way that you look in the mirror and say you may have flaws but I love you still. And someone will look at you one day and say you may have flaws but I love you still.

big mamma

You are enough


My darlings, this is a hard thing for you to believe. But you are enough.
I know you may think about the stuff that you’ve been through things, that you have done things, that in the quiet of night you can’t believe that you done these things. But forgive yourself those things. If it’s in the past, it’s the past. Let it stay there.
You are not that person anymore. And if you have change for the better, god bless you. So when you’re choosing someone to be with you in this journey called life, Make sure someone who sees your worth.
Don’t change the beautiful wonderful person you are, For someone who’s not worthy of you. Someone who criticise that you don’t do something that they do! they’re not worthy of you!
Someone who says that you don’t dress the way they usually like a woman or man to dress, they’re not worthy of you!
I’m talking about love. True and simple love. Someone who sees you and is grateful for you. That simple they are grateful for you.
So your past will be a blessing to someone who can use your experience to make a better relationship.
So don’t let someone say you are not worthy, you are not enough because you used to date that loser.
That loser made you not pick any other loser. So my first words to my darling, is this you so enough. You are so worthy. You are so lovable, wonderful and you are enough.
So if it takes you 10 years to find the person that you’re supposed to be with take the 10. But don’t sell yourself short.


Hello my darlings and welcome to my blog! When I started this, I didn’t know how to talk to my kids. I see them everyday, and talk to them everyday but when I try to bring up the important subjects ie:religion,marriage,sex etc. They don’t want to talk about it. So i wanted to have something that they can look on in life and hear the words of their momma. Then I thought some of you needs to hear the words of mama. And a mama’s words is its just that,  words you don’t have to agree with it, you don’t have to have a political view about it. it’s just someone imparting what they feel to you. So to you,my darling,
This is big Mama Talks